New Haven

New Haven’s ASD classrooms provide a twelve month school experience for students.
New Haven’s Bright Start program for children 2 to 5 years of age
New Haven’s unique youth and adult services offer comprehensive adult day programming.

A Centre of Excellence

New Haven, founded in 1998, is a charitable, non-profit organization committed to being a Centre of Excellence in the treatment and education of children with autism.

The Centre’s efforts are directed toward improving the education and quality of lives of its students.

Our mission is to contribute to the development of Canadian expertise in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) intervention by raising awareness and providing training and education to parents, professionals and the community.

Among the first of only a few centres in Canada to offer an ABA program, New Haven has become the prototype for how to best understand the disorder and treat children who are affected. Children’s health professionals consider the New Haven Learning Centre to be the “gold standard in Canada”.

Professional Testimonials

The New Haven Learning Centre has established the educational standard for the Greater Toronto Area by excelling in the two most fundamental aspects of autism treatment: providing comprehensive, data-driven curriculum designed to serve students, individual needs, and offering students one-to-one instruction in the caring hands of a dedicated, skilled, attentive staff.

Dr. Bridget Taylor
Co-Founder and Executive Director
Alpine Learning Group, Paramus, New Jersey