Our Method

New Haven’s ASD classrooms provide a twelve month school experience for students.
New Haven’s Bright Start program for children 2 to 5 years of age
New Haven’s unique youth and adult services offer comprehensive adult day programming.

Our Method

We’ve taken the evolution of ABA and applied it to every aspect of our program, for every child. This has culminated in a wide array of effective teaching procedures to address the complex learning needs of children with autism. We’ve established a model for helping children to prepare for less restrictive settings and for replacing unwanted behaviours with more socially appropriate ones.

To help staff prepare for their critically important roles as educators, New Haven Learning Centre provides extensive initial training that is both theory-based and practice-oriented. Ongoing training is offered very regularly on important topics such as teaching staff to replace challenging behaviour with more socially appropriate behaviour, promoting spontaneous communication, helping children both retain and generalize their skills and to accurately collect, graph, and analyze data.

Training, support and daily communication is also available to parents and home-based staff in order to promote consistency across settings and to help improve the quality of children’s interactions with their family and caregivers.

Systems to ensure accountability are robust and include the daily collection of performance data, the charting of data to allow timely review of progress, and the preparation of progress reports that emphasize objective rather than subjective indexes of performance.

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Statement of Purpose

Our efforts are directed toward improving the education and quality of lives of every student. Research has demonstrated the efficacy of Applied Behaviour Analysis in the education and treatment of individuals with autism and pervasive developmental disorders. New Haven is devoted to using this approach to maximize the developmental potential of each one of its students.

By incorporating research-based instructional strategies, behaviour analysis is applied effectively, utilizing one-to-one instructional sessions, small group activities when appropriate, generalization to home settings, and conditional use of reinforcement and discretionary use of systematic behaviour reduction programs.

All treatment procedures are based on an empirical analysis of behaviour. Empirical analysis of behaviour provides New Haven staff with the basis and the tools to redesign environmental operations, thus developing and changing the rate of students’ behaviours and responses. All New Haven staff members undergo extensive training in order to ensure consistency throughout the program.

Mission Statement

New Haven is a private, non-profit centre for individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The Centre’s primary mission is to provide children with autism an intensive comprehensive educational program based on the scientifically validated procedures of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).

Providing families with effective skills and intervention strategies for other environments (e.g., home, community, relatives homes, etc.) is also an integral part of our program. We recognize that this type of involvement is essential, not only to family happiness, but also to achieve the most positive outcome for the child.