New Haven’s ASD classrooms provide a twelve month school experience for students.
New Haven’s Bright Start program for children 2 to 5 years of age
New Haven’s unique youth and adult services offer comprehensive adult day programming.


New Haven Learning Centre and Foundation respects and protects the privacy of personal information that you may provide on this website and has controls in place to restrict access to this personal information.

Collection of Personal Information

New Haven collects, maintains and uses the personal information you provide on this website to offer its information and services to you and to administer your donation records and receipts. In most cases this includes your name, home and/or business address, telephone number, email address and, if applicable, credit card information (collectively “your Personal Information”).

Use of Personal Information

Typically, New Haven will use Your Personal Information to identify you, to provide information about New Haven services and needs. Your requests for information and search results may also be used for analytical purposes regarding the browsing patters of its users to improve the content and design of its website. New Haven does not collect personal information for commercial marketing.

Security of Personal Information

Your Personal Information is protected by security safeguards appropriate to the sensitivity of the information. Controls are in place to restrict access to Your Personal Information, according to job requirements and a need to know basis. Our processes keep private any credit card information provided and we exercise reasonable efforts to ensure that credit card information remains confidential, and is available only to personnel who have a need to know such information.

Disclosure of Personal Information

New Haven does not share your private information with any other organizations.

Retention of Personal Information

Your Personal Information will be retained only as long as is necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes mentioned above.

Accessing and Amending Personal Information

You have the right and responsibility to verify your Personal Information and amend it as necessary. You may amend your Personal Information by contacting New Haven directly.